Last Tech Task!

Tech Task #8

Used in “tagxedo”

It was so much fun creating this Tagxedo. There were so many different options that you could choose from using the basic functions. This is definitely what I would want to use (with older students) as a way for the class to get to know each other. It allows students to highlight key words that best describes them without having the fear of speaking in front of their peers.

I have posted my tech task #8 under the menu to the right but I decided to post the “tagxedo” that I created for this. I wrote a reflection of how this class has benefited me and I decided to create this tagxedo to highlight the key terms that I found was important. From what you can see, the larger print are the words that I frequently used in my reflection and these words are the perfect words to highlight what has been taught in this class. Not only has ECMP prepared me to go out and explore more technology tools, but I believe it gave me a sense of confidence that I can properly integrate technology not just the sake for using it but to enhance students’ learning.

I am very happy that I can still look back on this blog and use the different resources that are shared between my colleagues and I (that’s right, we may be working together someday!). Not only will these resources help me as a new teacher but I could share these resources with other experienced teachers since they may not have heard of these technology tools. It is actually mind boggling of how much is out there and that there is probably going to be more advanced resources that our generation today may not be able to figure out. But it would be up to our students to help us to be more technologically savvy.

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Exploring Blogs!

Today, my group and I explored a first year teacher’s blog. Her blog is made FOR the students and parents to look at the daily content, handouts (for students who missed class), and provides student portfolios to document their work. The blog is very simple and  is easy to access. Take a look at our group’s brainstorm of what we found interesting about Ms. Brennan’s blog (Do’s and Don’ts of Blogs).

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Something for you to enjoy during a busy time…..

I’ve been meaning to post this video since last week but I kept on getting caught up in things but here we go!

Last week, in my EPSY 400 class we had presentations on learning disabilities. One group presented on Stuttering and they showed this video to us about a young man who has been stuttering since a child. His name is Lazaro Arbos and he auditioned for American Idol. His speech impediment did not stop him from pursuing his passion. It is really amazing when he communicates because he uses his hands to spell out words (you will take notice of this when you watch his story).

I believe he has made it into the Top 10 so here is a video of his audition! Such raw talent and truly an inspiration! I hope you enjoy it!

Promethean Bus

I was watching CTV news and there was a report of a touring bus called “Promethean ActiveLearning Touring Bus.” Inside, were a variety of technology tools where it is encouraged to be used in the classroom. The report on the news stated that a Grade 1 class in Yorkton was able to experience to see what it is like to use technology for all.

I couldn’t find the full report of the grade 1 class but I did find this Youtube video explaining of what this bus is. Check it out!

Facebook Problem Solving

To view the Facebook conversation, you can click this link facebook-problem-solving-ecmp-355-with-my-comments (3)

Wow, when I read this conversation, I was shocked. Growing up, my parents were always willing to help with volunteering (if they didn’t have to work). This is honestly my first time of hearing someone voice their concerns over leaving their child with a complete stranger. I do understand how the parent feels about leaving their child with another parent.However, what I do not agree is that she is voicing her opinions on a social media site where EVERYONE can read and be made public. It is one thing of “updating your Facebook status” but involving your child’s school is something to be dealt with on your own terms.

Coming from someone who has been on field trips with their friends’ parents, I feel that it is okay for my child to attend. At the school I was interning at, ALL volunteers had to bring in a Criminal Record Check regardless if they were the students’ parents or not. It didn’t matter if the volunteers were working at the school, they still had to bring one in. Having parent volunteers is super helpful and beneficial because they WANT to help and be there for the students. Most parents want to be involved in their child’s education since teachers are spending majority of the time with their child. It is really nice to see when parents email you and offer their OWN time to be there for you and their child’s class.

It made me kind of laugh when the parent said that she didn’t see Agribition having an “educational value.” Of course it does! Agribition allows children OF ALL AGES to come and participate and learn more about Saskatchewan and Agriculture. It allows children to do hands on learning, and while watching demonstrations at the same time. Agribition holds an area for Elementary students to learn more about their province at an appropriate age level. I have grown up in Saskatchewan (but in the city) and there were many things I learned when I went to Agribition and I still most likely have more to learn since I have never had an experience of being or working at a farm before.

Needless to say, I was overwhelmed on the parent’s opinion since it is the first time I had heard of someone not allowing their child on a field trip. Secondly, I felt it was an inappropriate way to address the situation without letting the school aware of their concerns. Facebook is a place where many positives can be in affect such as socializing but through social media just as many negatives can come into affect as well. From what I gathered of this conversation, it seemed like this parent wanted someone (or others) to “gang” up on the school. Just like how we deal with confrontation of our peers, the most appropriate thing to do first is to go and talk to the school first, address the concerns and from there, together, come up with a solution.


I found this “Cybersmart” website on tips on how to use the internet safely and appropriately. This website offers information for students in primary, middle, and high school grade levels. It is an interactive website where parents can go on it with their child and explain more of the consequences that could happen when you post information/pictures on the internet. The site is based from Australia but the information is well worth checking out and defintely something I would want to use in my classroom to bring up this topic with my students.

If you would like to check it out you can click on the link Cybersmart


Standardized Testing

This issue has nothing to do with technology however in my ECE 445 class, we end up discussing issues in regards to Standardized Testing. We had a discussion on our Google + community page where the government is pushing for Standardized Testing from grades 4-8 but also in the primary grades. This first article from the leader post  is about Saskatchewan’s plans of pushing for Standardized Testing.

There is a second article from the “Star Phoenix” where the NDP is not agreeing with standardized testing, saying that it “doesn’t make sense.” It is nice to know that they may have teachers’ backs but it is up to us to take a stand of what we believe is the RIGHT thing to do. If you want to check out the article, you can click on this link “Standardized Testing.”

My questions to you are: What are you views of Standardized Testing? Is the testing in the students’ favour? Or is the government wanting to see if teachers are “doing their jobs?”

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